Day 16: Monday, April 20, 2020 
How To Build and Cultivate Trust while Facing Adversity & Rapid Change
featuring Tevis Trower of Balance Integration Corporation

“Everyone in an organization has a human longing for dignity and contribution…We can appeal to that by calling forth the best in everyone.”

Tevis introduced tons of data to help leaders across an organization make the case for Conscious Capitalism. Next, she had us break into small groups to discuss our Hero’s/Heroine’s Journeys from the past, and invited us to imagine what heroic journeys we will take on in this unique time of challenge and opportunity.

Here are a few key takeaways from the webinar:

  • How you show up as a leader right now will be remembered in the aftermath of Covid-19.
    Your team wants to relate to you, and live up to your example. Don’t try to be a super-human. Show your humanity, engage with your team to find solutions, act on behalf of all your stakeholders, and always act with integrity. “Everyone in an organization has a human longing for dignity and contribution…We can appeal to that by calling forth the best in everyone.”

  • Take time to explore your Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey up to this point in time, and reflect on what new journey’s you will take post-Covid-19.
    The Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey will be unique for each of us, but in general, the elements are similar. They often begin with your unique set of strengths and skills and attributes; there’s a call to put those strengths to use by do something meaningful and worthwhile; a set of events that derail or disrupt the purposeful goal where the hero/heroine – facing a low point – undergoes a transformational period where they must decide if they are to sink or swim and they uncover what their heart truly wants; emerging on the other side finding balance, accomplishing great things, and achieving their Higher Purpose. Tevis had us break out into groups to explore our own journeys, but you can also do this at home.

  • Set aside some time to explore how you show up as a leader by exploring your Hero/Heroine’s Journey. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
    What were you “called” to change?
    How did you respond to uncertainty or the unknown?
    What had to die/change and what had to be born/brought into being?
    How did you feel when you realized that truth?
    How did you experiment? Who helped you?
    What was the breakthrough like? How did it feel?
    How did you celebrate? How were you recognized?

The Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey is made up of experimentation and repetition. “That’s the thing about the Journey – there’s not just one. They go on over and over again throughout our lives…”  What did you learn about yourself, your Higher Purpose, that you can apply to the current crisis?

You can become part of the generative change of what’s possible now.

Tevis asked us to consider, “What do we stand for right now?” What have you long stood for that you have never been able to move the needle on before? The rules are completely upside down right now. All of us should step forward and ask ourselves – What will my legacy be? Tevis reminds us, “Right now you kind of get a hall pass for being crazy… How can you flex in this moment? The purpose is not to recreate what was, but to lead towards what you feel must be going forward.”