Claudia Pavlovich

Governor, State of Sonora (Mexico)


Claudia Pavlovich Arellano is the first female Governor of Sonora. Born in Magdalena, Sonora, on June 17, 1969, Claudia is the daughter of Dr. Alicia Arellano Tapia (former Mayor of Hermosillo and Magdalena, as well as Senator) and Dr. Miguel Pavlovich Sugich. Governor Pavlovich is married to Mr. Sergio Torres Ibarra, father of her three daughters, Claudia, Ana, and Gabriela. For Claudia, her marriage is her strength:

“Together with Sergio, my husband, we have created a wonderful family, which is the engine that drives me every day of my life. My daughters are the inspiration that
makes me fight for a better Sonora. We must create a society of opportunity and justice for them and for the children of all Sonorans.”