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Bring your Team to the World’s Largest Gathering of Conscious Capitalists!

Conscious Capitalism is about more than the CEOs and board members, it is a philosophy that touches every aspect of a business. All stakeholders, employees, vendors, customers, investors, community members, and more benefit from understanding what Conscious Capitalism is and why a company practices it. 

The Annual Conference is built for all stakeholders and all levels of experience with Conscious Capitalism, to inspire them with stories of conscious transformation and give them practical tools to better practice Conscious Capitalism in their daily work.

Bringing your team to the Annual Conference is an investment in the future prosperity of your company and the world. 

Groups of over 5 attendees lock in the Early Bird rate of $995 each. Take advantage of this special offer by completing the brief form below and a CCI representative will be in touch soon.


Annual Conference Group Sales