Apply to Be a Host Company

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. (CCI) invites local business to join as a Host Company of the 2019 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference in Phoenix, the largest gathering of Conscious Capitalists in the world.

Host Companies are local practitioners of Conscious Capitalism that commit to a block of tickets to bring your stakeholders (employees, vendors, investors, community members, etc.) into the Conscious Capitalism community.

This is a win-win-win relationship, providing value to the attendees so they can learn about Conscious Capitalism while building their network, and providing a venue for the Host Companies to build stronger bonds with their most important Stakeholders.

Host Companies and their guests will be recognized at the conference for their practice of Conscious Capitalism in the following ways:

  • Company logo featured on conference website, printed conference materials, and from the stage
  • Custom Ribbons for conference name tags, printed in the company colors, identifying guests as a Host Company Stakeholder
  • Reserved group seating in general sessions for Host Company guests
  • Invitations to select guests to a VIP reception
  • Creation of a poster detailing the Host Company’s practice of Conscious Capitalism featured in a gallery at the conference.

A Host Company commits to filling a block of no fewer than 10 tickets to the conference, and then distributes those tickets to the company’s key stakeholders. Host Company tickets are locked in at the Early Bird rate throughout the duration of the registration period.

Host Companies may either buy the tickets in bulk and then distribute them to stakeholders, or work with CCI to provide registration codes to stakeholders so that guests can pay their own way. In either case a CCI representative will work hand in hand with your team and guests to ensure a smooth and valuable experience for everyone involved.

Please complete this short form to express your interest in being a Host Company, or contact Clark Ruper at to set up a time to discuss your potential involvement.

Apply to be a Host Company