Kari Warberg Block

Founder and CEO, EarthKind


As EarthKind’s Founder and CEO, Kari started with the belief that plant-based pesticides could be just as effective as traditional options, with new delivery systems, quality botanical formulations and consumer education. Until EarthKind entered the marketplace, 98% of pest control solutions sold were kill methods & poisons. Today that number is 90%, 11 years later, and the company has stood out for its conscious business approach, incorporating the health and wellbeing of all stakeholders- including the pests.

EarthKind’s a 2% carbon footprint manufacturer, with 20% of assembly done by handicap-able citizens. 

A true mother of invention, Kari’s first product, Fresh Cab — the first botanical rodent repellent safe enough to use at home, but strong enough to meet Federal EPA standards for professional use — was created at her kitchen table on a North Dakota Farm. Today, it’s the #1 choice for high value property protection from rodents.

A highly regarded public speaker, and board member, Kari was chosen as a 2012 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman, in 2013 she was also awarded the SBA’s highest honor in her home state of North Dakota — Small Business Person of the Year, and chosen as National ‘top 3.’ She’s a former member of the NWBC which advises the President, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the United States Congress on matters of impact & importance for women in business. Earth-Kind is Women Business Certified by WBENC, and named Mooresville, NC Entrepreneur of the Year.

Kari’s personal blog, One Of A Kind, captures and shares insightful discoveries made along her entrepreneurial journey as the leader of EarthKind. Underneath her words, you’ll find a kind soul who consciously cares for the well-being of the earth, and all its inhabitants. 2019: The Year of Invention (www.oneofakind.blog).