Presenter: Eva Selhub | MD, Resilience Expert, LLC

Practicum Title: Wellness: The Bridge to a Conscious Business

Description: Wellness is the fuel that drives a conscious business to truly thrive. With over 20 years of experience as a Harvard physician and lecturer, speaker, author and executive coach, Dr. Eva Selhub knows that the success of any individual or corporation is dependent on the optimal health of individuals, especially leaders. Indeed, a business cannot be a conscious business if its leaders and employees are unhealthy. Unhealthy executives are less engaged, thereby less productive and expensive to any company. (Gallup, 2011) Leaders must think clearly and find solutions to complex challenges under duress.  Adaptability and flexibility in the midst of change, and the ability to thrive in the face of adversity are the real cornerstones of leadership. The ability to stay open, balanced and aware, is a trait conscious leaders possess. All of this can be destroyed by poor adaptability to stress. Though stress is the key to motivation, productivity and innovation, when it is not tethered, it destroys productivity, creativity, openness to new ideas, positive relationships, and results in breakdowns and disease. According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of employees in their national survey consider their job to be a major source of stress and costs US businesses roughly $300 billion a year due to absenteeism, reduced productivity, and employee turnover, along with higher health insurance fees.  (American Psychological Association/ Coping with Stress/

In this presentation, Dr. Selhub teaches her audience how to differentiate between adaptive and maladaptive stress, to become attuned to the warning signs that maladaptive stress is taking over through breath awareness and other mindfulness-based techniques, and to cultivate the skills and action steps needed to use stress to their advantage to enable optimization of health, self-awareness and resilient, conscious leadership. 

Presenter: Christopher Ategeka | Founder and Managing Director, LyfBase

Practicum Title: Unintended Consequences of Technologies (UCOT) in the era of exponential development and usage

Description: Technology is not Good OR Bad- It’s just a tool. Any technology is a double-edged sword, if used correctly makes our lives easier, efficient, and faster. However, that same technology in the wrong hands can do serious damage to us individually, our neighbors and to humanity as a whole. At this practicum, we’ll have an open honest conversation about trends in automation, Big Data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, genomics, and much more that are currently affecting all of us; in ways big or small-whether we know it or not. We will look at the negative externalities of technologies and what it means for humanity to have influence over the powers that control our lives.

Presenter: Jeff Sinelli | Founder & Chief Vibe Officer, Which Wich

Practicum Title: Spread the Love PB&J Party 

Description: Join us Tuesday, May 1 at 10:30AM in the Gold Room​ at the Fairmont Hotel for a Project PB&J Spreading Party! For one action-packed and fun-filled hour, we’ll make simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that will change the world. Because of your effort, 10,000 people in need in Dallas will have a smile on their face and a bit of comfort in their belly.

Alex Gladstein (Moderator) | Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation

Roya Mahboob (Panelist) | Founder, Citadel Software

Nico Sell (Panelist) | CEO & Co-Founder, r00tz Asylum

Kimberley Motley (Panelist) | Founder, Motley Legal Services & Co-Founder, Motley Consulting International

Practicum Title: Advancing Freedom Through Business

Description: Is it possible to advance human rights and individual freedoms and run a profitable business at the same time? Our three panelists say yes. Meet one of Afghanistan’s first female tech CEOs, a trailblazing international lawyer, and a cybersecurity entrepreneur whose businesses have all helped promote and protect human rights in different ways. From empowering young women to protecting our digital privacy to defending the rights of the most vulnerable among us, these three founders are tangibly making the world a more free and open place and are delighted to join Conscious Capitalism.

Presenter: Simon Mainwaring | Founder, We First

Practicum Title: Movement-Making: How to turn your brand into a cultural movement that accelerates growth and impact..

Description: We live in a culture increasingly defined by brand and consumer movements. Leveraged correctly, these movements can unlock employee productivity, consumer advocacy and media support. Done poorly, they can expose your brand to consumer and media activism. This practicum will reveal the critical dynamics of building a purposeful brand movement that engages all stakeholders to build your business with you. It will show you where to start, what you need and how to maintain your movement over time to create measurable business and social impact. Led by Simon Mainwaring, CEO of the brand consultancy, We First, and a New York Times bestselling author, it will reveal how to evolve from product marketing to conscious movement making.

Presenter: Haley Rushing  | Co-Founder and Chief Porposologist, The Purpose Institute

Practicum Title: Bringing Your Purpose to Life

Description: In this practicum, you will learn from The Purpose Institute’s co-founder and Chief Purposologist, Haley Rushing, on how to bring the power of your Purpose to life in your organization in a systematic, meaningful and sustainable way. She’ll cover a wide range of activation areas including how to use your Purpose to drive recruitment and talent management, how to create purpose-driven customer experiences, how to use it as a springboard for innovation, how it can intersect and amplify CSR efforts and, importantly, how to establish purpose-driven metrics of success.  Having spent more than 20 years helping organizations use the Power of Purpose, bring your questions, your challenges, and your own perspective on where you’ve been successful and where you’ve struggled to this inspiring yet practical session on living your Purpose more fully in your organization.

Presenter: Aaron Dimmock | Falicitator, BW Leadership Institute at Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc

Practicum Title: The Power of Candor: How Receiving and Giving Feedback Fuels Human Performance

Description: Discover what happens when we make the choice to both care personally and challenge directly.  From experiences in the United States Navy and Google, Aaron will share his PhD research and Kim Scott’s work to show how the extent to which we exercise candor fuels human performance and affects the bottom line.  Learn how the presence of candor results in a feedback culture that strengthens trust in relationships, teams, and throughout the organization.

Presenter: Kim Coupounas | Director, B Lab

Practicum Title: B Corp 101: Demystifying the Path to B Corp Certification

Description: You’ve committed to Conscious Capitalism’s tenets and values, and now you’re wondering how to bring them to life within your company, both at an impact measurement and management standpoint. A new generation of companies is emerging around the world, companies embedding mission and good governance into their practices and into their legal “DNA” – Certified B Corporations. In this session, you’ll get an update on the B Corp community globally and a deep dive into the B Impact Assessment and the path companies pursue to achieve B Corp Certification. Once the realm of small businesses, B Corp Certification is now being pursued by the likes of Campbell’s and Unilever, including by acquiring Certified B Corps. DanoneWave is poised to become the world’s first multi-billion dollar Certified B Corp, potentially setting a new bar for corporate responsibility. Meanwhile, the dramatic rise of the public benefit corporation form, now available in 37 U.S. states and Italy, has demonstrated the clear need for free-market alternatives for companies wanting to embed a wider view of their purpose and fiduciary duty. Join this session for the full download, including a practical dive into pursuing this path.

Presenter: Randy Gibb | Dean, Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University

Practicum Title: Modeling & Integrating Conscious Capitalism into Higher Education

Description: This practicum will have participants share their own experiences of university stakeholder integration, reflect on the millennial generation’s view on capitalism, and consider the role of a business school to teach conscious capitalism principles. The final activity will ask each participant to create a mini-business case study on their own conscious business, highlighting their purpose and community impact.

Presenter: Hattie Hill | President and Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Foodservice Forum

Practicum Title: Women Leading the Way: Lessons from the Food Industry

Description: In this deep dive conversation with conscious female business leaders from the food  industry come hear stories not only about their rise to success but about what happens down in the trenches applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism when faced with challenging situations and tough choices and the hard an important lessons learned in the process.  Come celebrate the women and ideas that are challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of foodservice and leadership today.

Presenter: Curtis Hite | CEO and Chairman, Improving Holdings, LLC

Practicum Title: Building Engagement for Conscious Capitalism

Description: Passionate about your company becoming a more conscious business? Eager for the principles of Conscious Capitalism to be more rapidly integrated into your organization? Uncertain about how to engage others leaders (at the highest levels)?

This practicum addresses some of the most common challenges that leaders (at all
levels) have in creating sustained passion and commitment to Conscious Capitalism within their organization. Confront the realities of where you and your organization stand today; paint a clearer vision of the future; then, leave the session with
practical strategies, tactics, practices, and tools that might help make Conscious
Capitalism a more pervasive part of your culture.

Whether leading from the top, or leading from within, we will use a case study of one company’s challenges and successes to give you practical ideas which can accelerate your organization’s engagement in Conscious Capitalism.

Presenter: Thierry Ollivier  |  CEO, BrandStorm Inc / Natierra

Practicum Title: WHAT FEEDS YOUR SOUL? How traveling in search of Superfoods led us to discover a higher purpose : We can do better than dirt ! 

Description: When he started his company, Ollivier always knew that he wanted it to be more than a business… a desire to make a difference in the world was his beacon in all aspects of his life.

Discovering the Conscious Capitalism movement reinforced his beliefs and helped shaping his company’s higher purpose. « Superfoods with Soul » became BrandStorm/Natierra’s tagline.

While experiences and encounters stired him towards his path…. some truly helped him refine his company’s higher purpose : On one of his many sourcing trips in the field, Ollivier realized there was still so much further to go in the company’s endeavor to help Haitian people through the organic and fair trade mangos supply chain he was working to set up. Women and children eating mud cookies to trick their aching stomachs into feeling full was just not acceptable ! « Our business sells superfoods with soul – We can and must do better than dirt ! ». This deeply personal, life-changing experience helped reshape and elevate further the company’s higher purpose : Ollivier and his team immediately rolled up their sleeves and put their heads together with one goal : putting in place a sustainable system that would provide meals to children in need in Haiti. Through a partnership with Convoy of Hope, Natierra launched its « Feed a Soul » project through which the « Buy One Bag, Feed one Child » program provides one meal to a Haitian child in need for each bag of Superfood purchased. The goal was to provide 1 million meals by the end of 2018.

The conversation will be open to the room with the goal to empower all those
present to share their personal life-changing experiences, learn from others, and find out what « feeds their souls » as they strive to elevate their businesses’ higher purposes.

Susan Steinbrecher | CEO, Steinbrecher and Associates, Inc.

Robert Schaefer, Ph.D. | Vice President of Client Services, Steinbrecher and Associates, Inc.

Practicum Title: Achieving Meaningful Alignment

Description: What is worse than having a high-stakes conversation? Avoiding one. The ability for people to communicate effectively seems to have become a lost art. Founded on years of professional practice and extensive scientific research Achieving Meaningful Alignment is a program developed by leadership experts Steinbrecher And Associates. Each of us experience the world of emotion and thought differently. We also experience the spectrum of our feelings at different levels of intensity, much like the temperature reading on a thermometer. Learn how to build emotional composure and resilience and how to facilitate the emotion of others while successfully navigating the conversation toward alignment. The skills that you learn will transform the way that you and your team communicate, manage emotions and resolve conflict.

Presenter: David Emerald Womeldorff | Co-Founder, Bainbridge Leadership Center

Practicum Title: Seven Commitments for Empowered Collaboration

Description: Conscious leadership requires conscious agreements. Collaborative cultures that serve and engage all stakeholders function more effectively when everyone shares ways of thinking, relating and taking action.

This Practicum is relevant to all four tenets of Conscious Capitalism: Higher Purpose; Stakeholder Orientation; Conscious Culture and Conscious Leadership.  The agreements can serve as groundrules for empowered meetings; team operating norms; and even cultural covenants.

The agreements build on the frameworks of David Emerald Womeldorff’s 3 Vital Questions ® and TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) ®.

Presenter: Cheryl Einhorn | Founder, CSE Consulting & Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School

Practicum Title: How to Control For and Counteract Bias in Decision Making

Description: This practicum will include an introduction to the AREA Method, a decision making system that controls bias, focuses on the incentives of others and expands knowledge while improving judgement. The session will have a self-assessment that will teach participants about their decision-making archetype, its strengths and potential pitfalls. It is  a practical workshop for decisions currently facing participants so that they may immediately begin making their big decisions better.

Presenter: Brian Robertson | Co-Founder, HolacracyOne

Practicum Title: Holacracy: Disrupting Management

Description: Can your company remain agile and adaptive – even as it scales? Holacracy® offers a radical new answer to this question, in the form of a tested and customizable self-management practice. With a Holacracy practice in place, every team member gains the ability to make meaningful decisions and drive change. The approach will allow your team to clarify agreements, set clear expectations, increase transparency and will fundamentally rewire your organization’s approach to power.

This webinar provides a basic introduction to the Holacracy practice including contrasts with a traditional management hierarchy.

Stacy Shepherd | Owner and President of The Yoga Factory

Susan Meymand | Certified Yoga Instructor

Practicum Title: Morning Yoga

Description: Join us for an all levels yoga class. An opportunity to come together in community and move our bodies with mindful somatic practice. This is the perfect way to clear you mind, enliven your system and get a jump start on your days at the Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference.

LeeAnn Mallory | Founder, Rise Leaders

Lori Darley | Founder and CEO of Conscious Leaders, LLC

Lisa Weaver | Director, Client Solutions, Interaction Associates

Jay Cone | Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates & Founder, Unstuck Minds

Practicum Title: Navigating Complexity:  Four Strategies for Getting Unstuck When Growing a Conscious Company

Description: Getting stuck in the way we are thinking is like finding ourselves in quicksand: applying familiar and reflexive strategies just makes things worse.  When we learn strategies for getting unstuck we not only restore momentum and confidence, but we also liberate ourselves from the thinking traps that isolate and divide us.  Organizations, leaders and teams need new tools to navigate the complexities of organizational problem-solving in today’s fast-changing, uncertain world. 

During this practicum we will introduce you to a model for reframing the questions you are asking about your most persistent organizational challenges. You will play two rounds of a card game designed to help leaders, teams and organizations get unstuck by learning how to deal with complexity and uncertainty. We will use the card game in two ways. First, to collectively address the challenge of helping our organizations become more conscious, and secondly to help practicum participants make progress on a personal challenge that is current and complex.  You will walk away with a toolkit for reorienting your perspectives and reframing your questions when you, your team, or your organization are stuck and a list of ideas and next steps for acquiring new information and forming new insights to help you make progress on a specific challenge.

Presenter: Richard Barrett | Founder and Chairman, Barrett Values Centre

Practicum Title: The Importance of Values on the Journey to Building Conscious Cultures

Description: Every individual and every organization must make a multitude of decisions each day. The decisions we make are a reflection of our values and beliefs, and they are directed towards a specific purpose. That purpose is the satisfaction of our individual or collective (organizational) needs.

When values are shared, they build internal cohesion in a group and become the foundation on which employee engagement and performance are built.

In the practicum, Richard Barrett will illustrate the importance of values and ways to measure and manage your values to create conscious cultures.  Through a series of exercises using values and the Seven Levels of Consciousness® Model, participants will explore their own level of consciousness, the level of consciousness of their organization, and the level of consciousness they would like their organization to operate from. They will leave with a greater understanding of how to create and sustain values-driven, conscious organizations that care for the needs of all stakeholders.