The 2020 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference is designed for anyone looking to level-up their practice of Conscious Capitalism in community to join the movement changing the practice and perception of business as a force for good in the world.

All participants must select a track for this year’s conference. Each track is designed to deliver learning opportunities geared toward your specific needs as a practicing Conscious Capitalist. All tracks will feature workshops and/or Mastermind sessions where you will explore the four principles of Conscious Capitalism in expert-led workshops designed to increase your understanding of the quintessential ingredients necessary to level-up your leadership, corporate culture, multi-stakeholder orientation, and how you express your company’s Higher Purpose. All tracks include access to all of our inspirational Main Stage Keynote Speakers, enrollment in our networking app, breakfast and lunch, as well as access to happy hour and after-hours activities.

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Executive Track

The Executive Track is designed for C-Suite business leaders at mid-market companies. This track will feature curated Executive Learning Lab Workshops and Mastermind sessions led by Conscious Capitalism thought leaders tailored to support executives and their leadership teams through best practices and case studies while bringing the experience and expertise of attendees to bear in an intimate setting, revealing best practices on how to utilize the principles of Conscious Capitalism to create greater internal and external impact at your company.

Amplifier Track

The Amplifier Track is for business leaders, consultants, coaches, members of the media, academia, civil society, and/or government seeking to “amplify” and grow the Conscious Capitalism movement. This track will feature Learning Lab Workshops dedicated to enriching your understanding and practice of each of the 4 principles of Conscious Capitalism.

Investment Track

The Investment Track is designed specifically for those participants active in the emerging growth capital market, seeking to align capital with mission-driven companies. This track will feature curated Mastermind sessions tailored to support you in aligning conscious investments with conscious businesses and their operations. These sessions are designed to bring the experiences and best practices of attendees to bear in intimate mastermind sessions around the topics that explore the promise and complexity for mission-aligned businesses navigating emerging growth capital markets.

Are you interested in attending the 2nd Mission Aligned Growth Summit & VIP Dinner taking place on April 13 and 14 at Battello on the NYC waterfront and the Westin Jersey City, Newport? Register now for the ticket bundle!

New this year for teams of 4 or more!

Executive Leadership Retreats

Take your team out of the office and into an immersive experience designed to build trust, inspire innovation, and uncover your team’s potential for positive impact utilizing the principles of Conscious Capitalism! The 2020 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference Executive Leadership Retreats are a collaborative, multi-day experience designed to bring Conscious Capitalism to life for your team as they interact with thought-leaders and luminaries in the movement that is putting people back at the center of business. The Executive Leadership Retreat is designed for teams of 4 or more.

Together, your team will participate in Learning Lab Workshops geared toward executive leaders and leadership teams that help them to uncover new solutions to old problems using exciting, real-world case studies; and transform their ideas into action steps with the support of a gifted facilitator. This is a one-of-a-kind experience designed to teach a shared language, provide actionable takeaways, and the quintessential tools and framework that support teams in implementing systems, processes, and practices focused on leadership, culture, multi-stakeholder orientation and purpose to better support one another, their collective operations, innovations in their products and services, and increase value creation for all stakeholders.

There is limited space available. Please contact Amanda Kathryn Roman, Chief Innovation Officer for Conscious Capitalism, Inc. to learn how to customize this experience to meet your teams needs.