Scott Conard

MD, DABFP, FAAFM, CEO, Converging Health, LLC

Twitter: @DrScottConard

Dr. Scott Conard is passionate about transforming healthcare to provide more convenience, increase access, significantly improve quality, and lower cost. He believes that challenges can be best met with innovation, technology, and accountability, and that “greater convenience, increased access, higher quality, and lower costs” are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the surest path to reduced costs lies in a better model of care that embraces preventative care, early detection, excellence in management of known conditions, and improved behaviors.

Dr. Conard is a dynamic leader recognized for healthcare innovations benefiting employers, providers, and patients. His experience includes efforts such as:

  • Strategic planning, creation, development, and leadership of healthcare organizations
  • Organizing physicians and health systems for a 500+ physician medical group
  • Designing processes and systems to deliver streamlined care for integrated physician systems
  • Development of advanced design and clinical solutions that promote workforce health while reducing the burden of healthcare cost for employers and their employees
  • Design and implementation of products and technologies to increase health literacy, patient engagement, and population health management

In addition to corporate leadership, Dr. Conard served as an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center for over 20 years, President of the North Texas Diabetes Association, member of the American Diabetes Association-Committee to Prevent Diabetes, consultant to the American Heart Association-Connected Center for Health Technology and Innovation, and Principal Investigator for over 60 clinical trials. He is the author of The Seven Numbers, The Seven Healers, TED for Diabetes, and The Art of Medical Leadership.