The 2020 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference is designed for business leaders, investors, and advocates who are looking to level-up their practice and amplification of Conscious Capitalism. This multi-day event brings together hundreds of Conscious Capitalists from around the world to learn from each other’s experiences, best practices, and win-win-win solutions through experiential and collaborative learning sessions across dedicated learning “tracks”.

We will use the tracks to provide targeted learning experiences that are relevant to the attendees and their companies – taking participants to the next level of practice by immersing them in relevant, real-world case studies; surrounding them with knowledgeable peers; and inviting them into a collaborative learning environment where they will dive deep into best practices and practical applications that can help them uncover new solutions to old problems.

Targeted learning experiences for executive leadership teams, conscious investors, advocates for and practioners of Conscious Capitalism;

Customized Toolkit containing practical tools, resources, and frameworks;

Introduction to verified products and services designed to help them level-up their individual, team, and company-wide practices related to leadership, culture, purpose, and multi-stakeholder orientation;

Access to inspirational keynote speakers and opportunities to connect with one another in celebratory evening events and Curated Collisions.

Toolkit Sponsors will receive:

Targeted opportunities to connect with business leaders and organizations that are seeking tools to support their practice of Conscious Capitalism via a Toolkit Booth;

Opportunity to present a workshop featuring your product connecting the tool and how it can support an active audience of executives, investors, or advocates;

Access to inspirational keynote speakers and celebratory evenings events with the global community of Conscious Capitalists.

 We are currently accepting applications for the 3 Toolkit $25,000 sponsorship opportunities.

For other sponsorship opportunities, please contact Clark Ruper.